Learn from some of the most unforgettable presentations, ever.

Hosted by Darren LaCroix and Mark Brown, the Unforgettable Presentations podcastoffers a behind-the-scenes look at the development and delivery of remarkable presentations.

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Want to know where award-winning presenters get their ideas? Or what went into preparing for and delivering a speech that gets talked about months and years later? 

In the Unforgettable Presentations podcast, Darren LaCroix and Mark Brown break down noteworthy presentations and explore best practices in public speaking. Every episode will leave you inspired and ready to level-up your own skills.

Peek Behind the Curtain and Learn from Great Presentations

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We're on every platform, so pick your favorite, download our latest episode, and start hearing great advice to advance your speaking career or simply improve your communication skills.

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What do Mark and Darren Cover?

Secrets from speaking legends, coaching and world-class content based on decades of coaching executives, seasoned pros and emerging presenters. Listen to some classic episodes right now:

You’ll hear interview with famous speakers:
The Unforgettable Les Brown

Hear us coaching world-class presenters live:
LIVE COACHING With Michelle Villalobos, Superstar Activator

Hear the results of the coaching:
COACHING RESULTS With Denise Marek, Worry-Management Expert

World-Class Content:
How To Engage Your Audience Using 11 Essential Pace Elements

Explore over 100 episodes

From stories about presentations going off the rails to tips on how to avoid the top 10 mistakes speakers make, each episode is packed with expert guidance and funny anecdotes. So find one that piques your curiosity and start listening!

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