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Boring Presentations...

LOSE Business, WASTE Time,
and COST Money!

Boring Presentations

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You can ruin your reputation in fewer than 5 minutes. In this fast-paced, competitive business world, the ability to deliver powerful presentations effectively is no longer optional — it’s essential. Most organizations struggle with delivering compelling messages, engaging their teams, and persuading prospects.

This challenge can result in lost opportunities,
disengaged teams
, and a weakened bottom line.

The Solution...

Unforgettable Communications is not a traditional training program. Your team will be trained by world-class pros. It is designed to be a transformational journey. They will learn to articulate ideas clearly, captivate audiences, and influence key decision-makers.

This isn’t just about delivering another presentation; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that drive business results despite short attention spans.

What will be different on Monday morning?

Your team will:

Who is this for?

Whether you’re closing a multi-million dollar deal, selling an idea to upper management, virtual training, or you’re in HR rolling out a new program…


Laughing Audience
Darren LaCroix's presentation coaching was critical to the growth of our company. Whether one of our executives spoke at an industry event or the account managers presented to a new client, they worked with Darren first.
Fredrick Marckini
Founder, iProspect


Presentation & Communication Skills Training Program

Module 1

Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

Empower your team to deliver clear, engaging, and impactful presentations. Create better presentations faster with our proven process.

Module 2

Better Stories,
Better Business

Harness the power of storytelling to make your messages relatable, and persuasive. Our simple story structure is powerful.

Module 3

Mastering Virtual Presentations

Equip your team with the skills to deliver engaging presentations in the virtual realm. Stand out by using our 20 Pace Elements.

Module 4

Got Humor?

More laughs, more connection. More connection, more influence! Get comedy secrets & formulas to lighten up professional presentations.

Module 5

Own the Room! Executive Presentation Coaching

Let’s get real. What are your team or prospects really thinking? Your presenters will get critical ‘must haves’ and ‘must avoids’ from this group coaching experience. Tiny adjustments make a huge difference.


Darren and his team of world-class presentation coaches are the secret weapon of companies big and small. They have trained executives in every US state and in 45 International cities, including European financial giant, Luxoft.

Our 49-Point Checklist will change the way your team looks at presentations for the rest of their careers, guaranteed.

Great presenters aren’t born; THEY ARE TRAINED.

What could quickly make a difference?

A proven process for quickly creating powerful presentations, so your message is remembered and repeated.

We wrote the book on it…

*Each module can stand alone and can be delivered in 90-minutes, half-day, full-day, or two-day.

9 Costly
Presentation Mistakes

These mistakes kill brands,
confuse prospects, and reduce revenue.

9 Costly Presentation Mistakes

Just because they present often and with confidence, doesn’t mean they’re good!

Lack of Clarity:

Whether the presentations are internal or external, if presenters are unable to clearly communicate their ideas, it will lead to confusion and misunderstandings. After the presentation, there will be unnecessary questions, conversation, and wasted time. This directly impacts your bottom line.

Poor Delivery:

An unengaging presentation style can lead to audience disinterest and disengagement. This kills both personal and professional reputations. This costs you opportunities... and money.

Absence of a Powerful Story:

Corporate presentations often fail to connect with the audience on an emotional level. They miss the fact that emotion leads to memorability and action. Presenters mistakenly forget that even top executives are people first. They have families, friends, pets, and relatable personal challenges.

Data Overload:

Too many facts, figures, and lingo without context or interpretation can overwhelm an audience. The challenge lies in presenting data in a digestible & meaningful way that supports the presentation’s message.

Lack of Audience Engagement:

Most presenters are unaware of what their audience is thinking. Presentations that fail to involve the audience can result in disengagement and loss of potential business.

Time Management Issues:

Overrunning the allotted time can signify a lack of respect for people’s time, potentially harming the presenter’s credibility and the company’s reputation.

Failure to Address Audience Needs:

If a presentation does not directly address the concerns or interests of its audience, it will fail to resonate, reducing its effectiveness and potential business outcomes. Most presenters don’t fully consider the audience’s preconceived perspective while preparing.

Lack of Call-to-Action:

Most presenters do not conclude with a compelling call-to-action. They fail to execute a powerful C-T-A, which results in missed business opportunities.

Inadequate Preparation:

Failure to thoroughly prepare and rehearse can lead to mistakes that can directly impact your bottom line. Most presenters don’t understand its importance or how to properly prepare.

Our methodology will change everything. It works.

Better Presentations,
Better Business

If you want world-class presentations, you need world-class trainers!

That’s who we are and what we do!

OUR RESULTS: What do people who invested in our training & coaching say?

Module 1

I can see why the team was so impressed at our sales conference that they wanted you back to share your insights with our customers.
David Trotter, Executive VP Head of
Treasury Management, Wells Fargo Bank

Module 2

We raised the most money in the history of the event.. Particularly in the ask, which is the place the story had the most significant impact.
Liz Ortenburger, CEO

Module 3

I've already used at least 20 insights I learned from your seminar.
Louise Achey
Faculty at Central Washington Family Medicine

Module 1

I just knocked it out of the park, starting an industry group presentation on automation with my story about the missing invoices!.
Seth Marlowe
Wells Fargo Executive

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